The Flying Trapeze EXPERIENCE!

Kids Camp on the Flying Trapeze


Expect to be greeted with a smile. We are grateful that you have chosen to have your Flying Trapeze Experience with us. We take your comfort and safety seriously. We encourage you to challenge yourself and have a blast!


First time students are introduced to the equipment and safety requirements. Next comes ground school to gain comfort and confidence in the process. Students will then practice a "Knee Hang" on the low hung trapeze bar. Then it's up the ladder of the Flying Trapeze Rig. The board coach will guide the student through the experience, hook up the safety line, and spot them. Another instructor will be holding the safety lines from the ground to keep you safe and will coach you through the experience. You will be secure in safety lines at all times as well as protected by a net.


Participants will swing to gain confidence in the air. When ready they will then try their newly learned skill - a "Knee Hang". When they have accomplished this, they will be ready to "catch".


During the final portion of the class the "Catcher" will climb to the "Catcher's Trapeze" to catch the students as they perform their trick. This is a thrill for most and the highlight of the day. 

Experience Flying Trapeze - Thrilling and Empowering Kids age 8 - 80 in Stillwater 

Experience Flying Trapeze - Thrilling and Empowering Kids age 8 - 80 in Forest Lake


Returning students will continue to perfect their skills and add to their repertoire following a time honored step by step curriculum.

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The Flying Trapeze Experience video!

Check out this great video about what your first flights will be like.




  • Do I need experience? - Absolutely not, we will teach each student to their capacity. Everyone will have an experience to remember.
  • Do I need to be young? - We honor the kid in all of us, and will support each student in this excellent play activity.
  • What age do you accept? - We have found that kids in the age range of 8-75 have the focus necessary to follow instruction. (younger kids can enjoy and find great success in learning circus arts activities that are near the nearer the ground). Check out Kids Camp
  • Do you do private parties and events? -Absolutely yes. Please call to schedule.
  • Do you have a Girl Scout Bade Program? - Yes, we have worked with the Girl Scout organization to create badge earning opportunities. To learn more about these specific programs please click here.
  • Do you teach advanced students? Absolutely! We have been teaching trapeze for 12 years and have helped many to gain advanced Flying Trapeze skills. Check out our Advanced Teen Camp Here. 
  • Are there classes open to the public?- Yes! We have Saturday morning Trapeze Experience classes where anyone can Try to Fly. Make a Reservation.
  • Do you have multiple class discounts?- Yes, Choose a punch card here.
  • Do you have multiple camp discounts, or multiple sibling discounts?- Absolutely! Find those here.
  • Is it safe? - Safety is our number one priority. The Trapeze and ladder are protected with safety lines, and a net. Everyone participates in our safety instruction and ground school before embarking on the rig. Please read more about our safety here. 

Find out more about safety