Coaches 2018

Director/ Coach- Sherri Mann

Sherri fell in love with Flying Trapeze in 2002 when she took classes locally. She traveled the nation to study the sport with a number of world famous trapeze artists, and finds the study a lifetime passion. Sherri founded Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze Club in 2005 ( and started her first summer camp in 2006. She is proud to call Tony Steele (who has trained her from 2008 to 2015) her coach. Sherri Loves to share her passion for trapeze arts with the young and the young at heart. She especially loves the self empowerment and inspiration that circus arts can bring to young people when taught through positive, thoughtful, safe and methodical methods and practices. Sherri believes that Circus Arts are accessible to all and it is a our "attitude, not aptitude" (Zig Ziglar), that will guide us to soar. 

Catcher/ Coach - Colby Bach

I began my circus career working for Club Med in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, before going on to work at the Trapeze School of New York. After that, I had the opportunity to perform as a catcher with the Flying Caceres and the Flying Farfans, in countries including France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Japan, and a tour with Ringling Brothers in the US :)

Catcher/ Coach - Mickey Dupont

Safety/ Coach - Shawn Klancke

Shawn is a veteran Minneapolis Fire Captain with Rescue, EMT, High Rope/ Low Angle Rescue certification and is a member of USAR. She has taught climbing and rope safety for many years   She has managed the rigging and safety of Embrace Adrenaline Flying Trapeze for the past 12 years, with a perfect safety record. We are proud to have her as our head rigger and safety office. Shawn began her love of flying in 2005, she caught for many years and has introduced and trained many fine young catchers to the sport.

Catcher/ Circus Coach - Leo Ipsen

Leo is a Senior at St. Croix Academy. He has been training and performing at Circus Juventas since the age of four, and training Flying Trapeze with Embrace Adrenaline and Flying Colors for 5 years. Leo specializes in balance acts such as Role Bola, Unicycle and High Wire, and has been catching on the Flying Trapeze for 4 years. Leo is also a member of Minnesota Youth Symphonies, where he plays first violin section. 

Catcher/ Circus Coach - Roland Berg

Circus Coach- Maddy Grady