Our Safety Story: Safety is our number one priority

Trapeze School Rig

Safety is Our #1 Priority!

in 2005 the Embrace Adenanline Flying Trapeze Club was founded with our premium Trapeze Rig designed and built by Trevor Boswell of TrapezeRigging.com. Trevor is a former professional catcher and a trusted professional in the world of circus rigging. For the past 11 years the rigging and safety has been managed by our safety expert, Shawn Klancke - 18 years of rigging, rescue and safety experience and training. We are in good hands with Shawn who has put in many additional safety protocols and backups. 

Safety is our number one priority, the Flying Trapeze Rig is taken down each year for a thorough inspection twice a year, and replacement of parts.  The rig is equipped with safety lines and a net, and all of our equipment is rated for safety and rescue, inspected and replaced regularly. We do daily inspections and are proud of our safety record. This diligence will help to ensure a positive experience at Circus Camp, Flying Trapeze Class, party or event.

Individual Accomplishment

No Previous Experience Necessary.

A part of our safety story is the manor in which we teach. We follow a time honored progressions of skills, to support summer camp kids and teens, and adults in their growth, mastery, appreciation, and enjoyment of Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts - wether for their performance or personal goals. We respect each individuals level of body awareness, physical fitness, and mental and physical capacity. Our experienced staff will teach each individual to their level, and we strive to make every story a success story - wether a first swing, or the mastery of a complicated trick.  We love to help our summer camp kids and teens,  women and men explore their personal power and leave feeling accomplished.