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Focusing On Empowerment?

Every program that we offer begins with the underliying focus on empowerment. We want everyone to experience success and walk away proud of their accomplishments.

Our Philanthropy Goals

Each year a portion of our proceeds go toward giving the powerful experience of Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts empowerment programs to non-profit programs that are making a difference in empowering the lives of youth and women. In 2017 we began this philanthropy program by partnering with Safe Zone, a drop in center for homeless youth and an extension of Face To Face -Empowering Youth. 

Johnathon's Experience.

Johnathon came to us as a participant in Safe Zones Empowerment Program.  Johnathon is a gentle giant on his way to finding a better life for himself. He was participating in Safe Zones leadership program and as a final celebration of the groups commitment and hard work they came to Flying Colors for an empowering Flying Trapeze experience.  Johnathon went through the ground school with his group to gain confidence and comfort with the process. He was brave to climb the ladder and mount the board, but once it was time to jump off that board and take a swing, he froze. We worked with him for quite some time, until he decided he would rather climb back down the ladder. From the ground, he watched as other members took swings on the trapeze. He decided to brave the ladder a second time to take a swing.  Once again he froze. We encouraged and worked with him, but he chose to climb back down.  (No small feat)  He watched longer and again worked up his courage. Well as they say" the third time is a charm". Johnathon climbed that ladder, got ready to jump and froze again... but worked through it this time and built up his courage enough to jump and take the swing. He was thrilled! After that he climbed back up several more times. Yay Johnathon! We celebrate your accomplishment! It was difficult, but you persevered.

Johnathon's Take Away - "I Can Do Anything"

In speaking of the experience afterward Johnathon said, "It was scary, but I had to do it, because I knew that if I could do this, I COULD DO ANYTHING".  Johnathon left feeling very proud of himself and his ability to work through his fear and accomplish his goal. We were very proud of Johnathon as well.


We are still sorting on our empowerment partnerships for 2019 and will announce them asap.


If you have ideas for non-profit organizations that could benefit from an empowerment program with Flying Colors Trapeze and Circus Arts please drop us a line. 

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