Because we are a very small and primarily outdoor camp, we feel that we can implement safety protocol to minimize participants/coach exposure to the Covid-19 threat while continuing to offer our high quality circus experiences for kids, teens and adults. We think it is especially important this year to continue to allow kids healthy ways to move their bodies in the fresh open air as well as healthy ways for them to continue to socialize and have some sense of normalcy in this increasingly stressful world. (well our brand of "normalcy" if you can call silly, zany, bouncy, balancing and flying circus "normal").  In all seriousness, I think it is important for kids to be kids.  In addition, as parents begin to  explore returning to work, they will need activities they can trust where their children can thrive. 

In response to our new challenge in 2020 we are making the following policy changes:

1. We have canceled all June Camps to give the virus time to pass through- Registrants may switch to another camp or receive a refund.

2. To minimize exposure- We are limiting group sizes to 6 kids with a maximum of 12 kids in any camp.  Kids will be organized into groups according to family and friends.  each group of 6 will additionally be separated into smaller work groups that they can rotate through activities with. Kids will stay in their group throughout all activities and each group will be social distancing from other groups. 

3. Hand sanitizer will be used between each activity and before touching any equipment.

4.Equipment will be sanitized to the best of our ability between uses.  Because we are in the sun, and it is known that the virus will die off within minutes from sun exposure, groups will rotate onto equipment that has been left unused for at least 10 minutes.  If the sun is not cooperating we will sterilize with a UV light prior to use. On rainy days when we need to use the indoor facilities, groups will be separated into the Circus Shed, and the main house.

5. Using a forehead thermometer (instant read via forehead, sterilized between uses) we will take the temperature of each child at drop off to be sure they are maintaining a normal body temperature.  If there are any signs of virus (sniffles, cough, rash, dizziness, lung pain, fever, upset stomach, etc.) parents will need to take the kids home, and a refund will be issued for the remained of camp.

6. We will be asking parents to inform us if there are any family members are having symptoms and that children are getting minimum social exposure at home.

7. Coaches will wear masks as much as is reasonable and safe in hot and humid temperatures.

8.Coaches will be signing contracts that assure that they are practicing safe social distancing in their lives outside of camp.

9. Families will be asked to sign an Covid -19 waiver addendum.

10. For families that are uncomfortable with our precautionary measures, we will be giving a full refund minus our processing fees until June 15th. 

Though this is an uncertain time for all, it is especially uncertain for the most vulnerable of us- and that is our children. Though they are less vulnerable to the severe effects of this virus, they are more affected by the fear, social isolation, and lack of physical expression and movement. We are committed to giving kids a safe and fun environment to express themselves, laugh, blow off steam and reduce their stress levels.  Kids that practice using their core muscle connections have better focus. Our country setting is a wonderful place to connect with nature, breathe fresh air, soak up the sun, and frolic in the clean lake water.  Though stay at home computer camps have their place, they are no substitute for good old fashion outdoor physical exertion.

Last thoughts: courage is a learned skill and  like all skills it is strengthened through practice. What does one need more than anything in a world that is rapidly changing?- Courage!

Sherri Mann

Coach and Program Director